Benefits of living in Marbella

Living in Marbella

Many people dream of living in Marbella or retiring in a place where the pace of life is slower, the scenery isThings to do in Marbella inspiring and the sun is warm on our backs. Marbella and Costa del Sol properties offer all this within an easy flight from the UK. Beachfront & beachside properties remain highly sought after on the Costa del Sol and a healthy and diverse beach life awaits those who are courageous enough to make their dreams of living in Marbella a reality.

Benefits of living in Marbella

There are many benefits from purchasing a beach front property for sale in Marbella and living by the sea. Many of our properties are in gated developments with 24 hour security, landscaped gardens and multiple communal swimming pools with friendly, community style living. Underground parking can be a bonus too in summer season when there are more people about and parking spaces are scarce.  When the sun is at its hottest your development may even boast its own pool, gym, bar or restaurant.

Benefits of Living in Marbella
La Cañada shopping centre in Marbella

The Costa del Sol has everything from Primark to Gucci. Big shopping centers like La Cañada in Marbella are very popular with all nationalities and you can find most high street brands under one roof, usually with free parking. International supermarkets such as French Carrefour are easily found as are smaller English food shops and fruit & vegetable warehouses, you will find all your hearts desire when living in Marbella.

Gibraltar is a short drive away for those who want a Morrisons supermarket. It used to be quite common for people living in Marbella to drive to Morrisons for expat goods but it’s no longer necessary since you can find everything you need closer to home. Now, most popular English foods are widely available with stores such as Iceland in Fuengirola and Puerto Banus.

Living in a tourist destination

One of the greatest benefits of buying a property for sale in Marbella Spain and living on the Costa del Sol is that you live in a residential tourist area. It’s a playground with lots on offer. There are thousands of bars and restaurants to choose from. You’ll find brand names such as TGI Friday in Marbella as well as lovely traditional Spanish family run restaurants.

There are safari parks and zoos to visit when you are living in Marbella. There are water parks and sports such as ice-skating and horse riding. You can even have roller-skating lessons on the beach front. There is an endless list of things to keep people of all ages entertained and they can all be on your doorstep when you are living in Marbella.

The Marbella weather

The coastal weather on the Costa del Sol is almost perfect. Leveche winds bring some very hot, dry days from air currents that originate over North Africa in spring and these are associated with a sudden, usually short-lived, increase in temperature.

Most of the Mediterranean climate is influenced by a cooler easterly wind called Levante and these are mild in temperature and humid. The record low temperature in Malaga is –3.8 °C and the Malaga record high is 44.2 °C. The World Health Organisation describes the climate of the Costa del Sol as being one of the best in the world. The summers are extremely hot but the breezes from the sea make it comfortably hot rather than unbearable. The winters are cool but not too cold. Whilst there are rainy seasons a lot of rain falls at night so it’s not unusual to be outdoors in December, walking on empty beaches under clear blue skies in a T shirt and shorts.



This climate can be very beneficial for sufferers of rheumatism, asthma, bronchitis and other respiratory problems. In fact there is a rise in health tourism on the Costa del Sol; wellness spas and retreats are becoming very popular. According to The Daily Mail, researchers from the European Centre for Environment and Human Health have studied beach living and concluded that, on average, the closer we live to the sea, the more likely we are to report good health.

Marbella by the beach

Being by the beach sometimes forces you away from technology and the frantic pace that technology brings to life. You will find when you are living in Marbella you will take time out more frequently for this because nature is on the doorstep.

Families play together more and lovers can enjoy time together on the beach. Swimming in the ocean can help heal cuts and grazes in your skin. The use of sun lotions and after sun lotions moisturise your skin making it feel soft.

There is nothing more relaxing and rejuvenating than the sound of the ocean and it’s really refreshing to doze on the shore. You tend to drink more water when you live by the sea, perhaps because of the sea air, and this is good for flushing out the toxins in your body. Just being bare foot makes you feel care free, it’s good for the soul.

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