The Spanish Buying Process

The Spanish Buying Process The Spanish buying process for property sales is different than you would find in other countries, and it is important you are informed of the Spanish buying process before you purchase a property in Spain. You can get this information from a lawyer (at a hefty cost!) your Estate Agent (if […]

What is an Energy Certificate

What is an EPC – Energy Certificate In June 2013, Spanish law decreed that property owners must have an authorised Energy Certificate or  Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for their home, and certainly must be in possession of this document if they wish to sell. Owners who wish to rent out a property must also have […]

Selling a property in Marbella

Selling a property in Marbella can be a daunting task, especially if it is your first time selling a property in Marbella! Luckily, there are many estate agents at hand to help you through the process and assist when you need to make firm decisions. Preparations for selling a property in Marbella First and foremost, when you decide […]

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