The Spanish Buying Process

The Spanish Buying Process The Spanish buying process for property sales is different than you would find in other countries, and it is important you are informed of the Spanish buying process before you purchase a property in Spain. You can get this information from a lawyer (at a hefty cost!) your Estate Agent (if […]

Christmas in Marbella

Enjoy a wonderful Christmas in Marbella Winter in the northerly parts of the northern hemisphere, and we’re particularly thinking of Russia, Scandinavia and as far south as the UK and Ireland, is typically dark for most of the day and it’s cold, with temperatures that are often in the minus range. There’s plenty of rainfall […]

Moving to Spain

Moving to Spain Moving to another country is a major decision and if Spain is your country of choice then we’d like to share some tips with you about moving to Spain. Some of them may seem obvious whilst some may not have occurred to you at all, but we hope they will prepare you […]

Water activities in Marbella

Water activities in Marbella The entire coast sits on the edge of the Mediterranean so there is plenty of water-based fun to be had at the beach. There is an abundance of swimming pools as well. But, when you’re looking for fun beyond the beach and the pool that will keep the kids—and adults—entertained then […]

Residency in Spain

Before you buy a property for sale in Marbella it is important to know what your residency rights and requirements are and how you go about obtaining residency in Spain. Countries vary widely in their criteria for granting visas and/or residency to foreign nationals. The degree of red tape is usually proportionate to the number […]

Moving to Marbella

 Currently, Spain is still one of the most favourable destinations for people wishing to relocate abroad. In particular moving to Marbella seems to be a popular choice. People’s motive for emigrating varies enormously. Many desire for a much warmer climate, some see more opportunities abroad. Others want to provide their family a better standard of […]

Education in Spain

 Once you have decided to buy a property for sale in Marbella and relocate the family to southern Spain, the one remaining important question is which is the best school for your child’s educational needs? There is an abundance of information available on education in Spain, so how do you really know which system is the best […]

Malaga Costa del Sol airport

For people who have bought a property for sale in Marbella and for expats living in Spain, Malaga airport is THE Costa del Sol airport. Indeed it was recently renamed to “Malaga-Costa del Sol” airport and it serves the southern coast of Spain and inland areas. If you are a Spanish property owner or a holiday maker in […]

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