Le Mille d’Or de Marbella

Le Mille d’Or de Marbella (Marbella’s Golden Mile) Le Mille d’Or (The Golden Mile) de Marbella est reconnu à travers le monde entier. Il est venu par son nom dans les années ‘80 lorsque le chanteur allemand Roy Boston, qui s’est retiré de l’enregistrement des hits pour suivre une carrière dans les promotions immobilières. Il a […]

Buying a beachfront property in Marbella

The coastlines bordering the Mediterranean sea stretch across several countries, but few are as popular and accessible to overseas buyers as seaside properties on the Costa del Sol, with beachfront property in Marbella being the leading area of this coast when it comes to high quality residences. These range from luxurious villas to exclusive apartment in […]

Why buy property in Marbella

Buy property in Marbella Marbella is known for its glamorous lifestyle and for being the holiday destination of world famous celebrities. Just recently, the world’s top tennis star Novak Djokovic arrived to relax on its beaches, following appearances by Elizabeth Hurley and Hugh Grant at the holiday resort. Then there are the millionaires and billionaires […]