Moving to Marbella

 Currently, Spain is still one of the most favourable destinations for people wishing to relocate abroad. In particular moving to Marbella seems to be a popular choice. People’s motive for emigrating varies enormously. Many desire for a much warmer climate, some see more opportunities abroad. Others want to provide their family a better standard of living. Some may simply be pursuing a dream property for sale in Marbella with the aim of retiring abroad.

Buying property in Marbella

Buying a property for sale in Marbella and moving to Marbella isn’t a complicated step, as long as you plan your new life ahead and know how the system works.   Moving to Marbella can be a success if you do your homework and prepare thoroughly.

However, a surprising number of people launch themselves into their new life with not much more than a vague idea that the ‘grass is greener’. No matter how cosmopolitan you may well be, and how knowledgeable about Spain, keep in mind that this is not just a couple of weeks’ holiday. Be realistic. Ask yourself the tough questions, which will, of course, differ according to your personal circumstances.

We hope at Marbella Dream Living our guide provides you with a place to start. We have provided you a brief overview of some of the issues to consider when relocating to Spain. No matter your query Marbella Dream Living is here to help you in your transition to a warmer climate and a more stress free lifestyle.

In summary the prospect of buying a property for sale in Marbella and relocating to Spain may seem at first quite overwhelming. However bear in mind thousands of people do so each year and with great success. Take our professional advice on as many areas as possible, thus ensuring you are in possession of all the applicable and relevant facts.

Moving to Marbella from the UK

Finding a suitable removal company is probably one of the tasks that is top of your “move to Marbella” list. Once you’ve made the decision to take the plunge and are progressing with purchasing your dream property in Marbella. Removal companies offer a means of making your new house a home because often you can feel like a visitor until you have all your belongings with you. There are many way to get your personal belongings out to your new Spanish property.

The natural choice is to use a UK removal company. A quick Google search will throw up lots of options. Some UK removal companies have online removal quote forms that once completed will provide an idea of removal cost. Most professional removal companies will come to your house and give you a quote.

It’s likely that a bigger international moving company will use freight lorries. They may remove your personal effects to store them on a pallet in a central holding area in the UK. Your load will form part of a full removal lorry heading down to Spain, the Costa del Sol and then onto the Marbella area. Sharing freight loads like this keeps the cost down for everyone and is also a bit more environmentally friendly.

There are private removal companies that can be found in Yellow Pages or even on Facebook pages that focus on your local area that will make the trip all the way to the Costa del Sol. Many will be smaller removal companies or removal franchises, perhaps family run removal businesses. You may be able to negotiate removal prices and get a more personal service from a local removal company.


To reduce your removal costs you can pack your own boxes. This will also ensure you know what is in each box when it arrives in Spain. However check that your removal company will insure you still for breakages. Sometimes they prefer to do the packing so that they are certain about the quality of the packing and more confident to provide insurance.

Some people who relocate do their own international removals. Some buy a caravan to tow, some buy an old van and some hire vans to drive themselves all the way down to Marbella.

Weigh up the removal benefits of self removals. There are petrol costs, toll roads and time demands. But also the security of your possessions en route need to be taken into account. You might for example stopping overnight half way.

One of the benefits of this method is that if you have pets you can take them with you. This way you are in control of their well-being yourself. If hiring a van for the trip down to Spain don’t forget to check if you have to drive it back again or if you can drop it off in Marbella.

Whatever removal option you choose, bear in mind the exact location and accessibility of your property, when choosing your removal company. Properties with access restrictions such as a muddy track or narrow lanes or apartment block on a main road may be problematic for some removal vehicles. Hoists and small vehicles can often be organised in advance and can reduce a lot of stress on arrival.

Moving to Marbella with children

Making the huge decision of buying a property for sale in Marbella and embarking on a new life in Spain is a major decision for anyone. Particularly those with children, especially teenagers, since they are being taken away from their natural setting, friends and school. The key to make this transition smooth and ensuring your child settles is to ensure you are aware of all the common difficulties and drawbacks which face families when relocating to Spain.


To get children more excited about the move, involve them in the moving process. Show them images of their rooms, and use Google maps to show them where the local store is. Show them the local waterpark their new school. You can use Google streetview to virtually walk along the streets of their new home. This will give them more confidence that where they are moving is not such a scary place after all.

Some people who relocate do their own international removals. Some buy a caravan to tow, some buy an old van and some hire vans to drive themselves all the way down to Marbella.

Generally, the younger your children are the more likely they are to settle in Spain.
moving to marbella It is understood young children adjust quickly and without difficulty to almost any change of circumstances as long as they are in a loving and secure family environment. Young children, especially pre-school years are able to grasp a new language with great ease. They have the ability to make new friends with no trouble, and they adapt smoothly to a different routine and climate.

Unfortunately older children, especially those in their teenage years are more likely to suffer with adjustment problems. Problems such as homesickness, loneliness and feelings of inadequacy particularly in the school environment. This is predominantly due to them not being fluent in the Spanish language from the beginning. Therefore it is vital from the beginning to decide whether or not to send your child to a private or international school rather than a local state school. If you can afford to send your child to a private or international school you will obviously need to do some comprehensive research and explore the different options available.

Moving your pets with you to Spain

Moving to MarbellaBuying a property for sale in Marbella and relocating with your pets is another key concern form many individuals wishing to move to Spain. A pet is a member of the family, and therefore should be treated as such. Moving to Marbella with your family pet from the UK or Ireland is actually a relatively easy process. As long as all the paperwork is in order it should be easy sailing!

Firstly they will require a European Pet Passport (EU Pet Passport). This allows for qualifying domestic animals to freely cross the borders in Europe.

The Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) provides for qualifying domestic pets to travel to and from the UK without undergoing quarantine. This is however providing they are correctly identified and vaccinated pet animals.

European Pet Passport

The EU Pet Passport identical for all European countries is numbered for identification reasons. It contains obligatory information pertaining to the individual animal This the animals proof of a valid vaccine against the rabies virus.  If the rabies vaccination was the animal’s first vaccine then it must wait a further 21 days before crossing the boarder. However, there is no time delay with booster injections. Providing there is proof the booster was administered before the last vaccine had expired your’e good to go. In addition the pet must be over three months old to enter Spanish territory.

The issuing of your pet’s passport can only be prepared by a licensed vet and all vaccinations should be kept current by the vet. Furthermore your pet must be identified by a micro chip in the neck and has valid vaccines against rabies.  Furthermore they must have had a blood test to verify the vaccine is in the animals system. Following these steps the vet may then issue a certificate of health – the Pet Passport. The vet should have the applicable information in order to prepare the pet for travel. All pets traveling within the European Union country must be accompanied by the Pet Passport.

We hope this information will help you along the way when moving to Marbella. We fully understand how stressful this move can be. We are here to help if you have any doubts about documentation or licenses. We have helped many families move to Marbella and know what difficulties you might encounter. With our expert help, we can make your “moving to Marbella adventure” that little bit less stressful.

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