Your next move is in the thriving Costa Del Sol

The Costa Del Sol:

The Costa Del Sol, also known as the Coast of the Sun or the Sun Coast, is a region in Southern Spain in the autonomous community of Andalucia. The Costa del Sol includes the city of Málaga and the towns of Torremolinos, Benalmádena, Fuengirola, Marbella, Estepona, Casares, Rincón de la Victoria, Vélez-Málaga, Nerja, Frigiliana and Torrox to name just a few.

Despite its popularity of coastal towns and resorts, many forget that the Costa Del Sol is also surrounded by some ranges of the Penibaetic System; including Sierra Blanca, Sierra Bermeja, Sierra Crestallina and Montes de Málaga. The coast shows a diversity of landscapes: beaches, mountains, cliffs, lakes, canyons, estuaries, bays, forests and dunes. This landscape diversity ensures an overwhelming choice of activities for everybody, from water sports to skiing all within a 2-hours’ drive.

West of Málaga – or more correctly, west of Málaga airport – the real Costa del Sol gets going. Over 300,000 expats live in and around the Costa del Sol West already, all chasing the 320 days of sunshine per year for a better lifestyle…

So where do Expats choose to live and settle?

Given the wide complex choices, the coast offers, solely by tourism demands some beautiful resorts built since the 1960s.  Continued development for the next 5 decades turned small anglers’ settlements into large holiday resorts and more recently into towns.

To date, still the number one destination in Europe. Investments still flow especially over the last 3/4 years improving areas for those living here on a more permanent basis and offering different ways of life for everybody. We will guide you through the main areas where people choose to live and why.

Going from west to east starting west of Málaga, you will find San Roque, La Alcaidesa, Sotogrande, San Luis de Sabanillas, Manilva and finally Estepona. Each of these areas have something different to offer, but the main thing that they all offer is space and excellent quality of living.

Sotogrande: Glamorous & Exclusive


Located so close to Gibraltar gives you the opportunity to visit the rock and do a spot of tax-free shopping. Nearer to Sotogrande you can enjoy a day on one of the many golf courses including the popular Valderrama Golf Club that hosts the Volvo Masters and Ryder Cup.

The marina in Sotogrande offers a great evening out and of course there’s the Rio Polo Grounds famously labeled “The Wimbledon of Polo pitches”.

Popular Areas:

  • Sotogrande port
  • La Reserva de Sotogrande
  • Torreguardiaro
  • La Alcaidesa
  • San Diego
  • San Roque


While Sotogrande is undoubtedly one of the most expensive areas in West Malaga, property prices are relatively cheap compared to the property prices closer to Marbella. Spacious apartments can start from as little as €150.000 and villas are available from just €275.000 but can quite easily go up to as much as €4.000.000 or more.

The new developments in the region of Sotogrande are flourishing. Affordable, contemporary sustainable living seems to be the order of the day when it comes to new build in this area making it one of the more popular areas in the west of Costa del Sol.

With Children:

There really is something for everyone when looking at properties in West Málaga, families with small children will love the quiet and nature to go on adventure trips with their young ones. There are plenty of nurseries and after school activities in the area, and many child-orientated festivities throughout the year.

Sotogrande offers a bilingual kindergarten inside the Santa Maria Polo Club for children from 8 month to 3 years of age.

If you have older children, you will be pleased to know that West Malaga offers some of the best schools in the area including the Sotogrande International School that is an International Baccalaureate school offering high quality learning in English from 3 to 18 years old.

Young couples /singletons:

If you are looking to move to Spain as a young couple or by yourself, Sotogrande offers a Marina with many social activities but you might find yourself driving down towards Estepona more often than not to find an active social life. Sotogrande is very family orientated, and unless you like the peace and quiet and are a bit of a lone wolf, you would find a more active social community if you go further east to places such as Duquesa, Sabanillas or even Estepona.


Sotogrande is ideal for those looking to retire in peace. The vast landscapes offer breathtaking sceneries and allow for lovely long walks through nature. The area offers many activities for retired expats, and of course, you will find social interaction at one of the popular golf courses or polo grounds, but equally, you will love a stroll down the quiet Sotogrande marina.

Duquesa – Great Golf & Marina


La Duquesa is a tourist resort between Estepona and Sotogrande. The region is already very popular with the Irish and English communities. The area has started gaining interest with the north Europeans in the recent years too making it a very cosmopolitan place to live. The town has an 18-hole champion Golf course and their own small marina where you can find a plethora of bars shops and restaurants.

Popular areas

  • Duquesa Village
  • Pueblo Mexicano
  • Urb. Las Brisas
  • Urb. Villas Puerto


The property prices in Duquesa are very affordable, especially for a first time buyer. Penthouses and apartments can be found here from just €150.000 or less whilst still offering good quality and spacious rooms. Equally, you can also find lovely villas from just €285.000  and when your budget reaches a little higher, you can find amazing fincas with large grounds and a pool with stunning views from as little as €795.000.

With Children

If you are moving to La Duquesa with young children, you will have a variety of multilingual nurseries to choose from in the town itself. Within just 20 minutes’ drive, you can enroll them into the Sotorgande Nursery on the Polo Grounds offering a great introduction to the Sotogrande International School. This is where you will have to enroll them when they are older if you want to keep them close to home.

Alternatively, the town of Estepona offers a great Spanish school, so you can choose to send them to a Spanish school or a private International school. Either way, your morning commute will be around 20 minutes if you drop the kids off yourself. Luckily, both schools offer a bus service that stops in Duquesa where the children can be picked up and dropped off.

Young Couples / Singletons

If you are a young couple or a single person and you are looking for social interaction, Duquesa could just be a little too quiet for your liking. Even though the port and paseo will be buzzing in the summer season, in winter the town quiets down significantly and you will find the social buzz is not all that it is shaped up to be.

Equally, if you like your quiet times, and don’t mind having the town to yourself for 7 months of the year, then Duquesa can be a great place to settle and lay your roots. You will soon get to know your neighbours, everyone in this town is very friendly, and you will quickely make friends for life, even out of season!


La Duquesa offers a great environment for retired couples. The nature, quiet beaches and warm attitude of its residents allows for a safe and warm living situation. Many of the shops and public services speak English. The expat community in La Duquesa is prosperous and many non-official social clubs organise various events throughout the year, so if you are thinking of integrating with the community you should definitely sign up to these.

San Luis de Sabanillas – Spanish & British Fusion


The local call it Sabanillas and it  is a traditional fishing village where the Spanish have managed to maintain their roots despite the increasing tourism from all over the world. Of course, you will find the occasional English, Swedish or German bars or cafes as you do in any town along the coast, but the majority of businesses have clung on to their Spanish roots and that is what makes this village ever more desirable for foreigners.

The beach of Sabanillas is one of the most beautiful and peaceful on the coast. A very long and wide sandy beach that is not overcrowded, even in summer!

Popular Areas

  • Urb Finca Maria Teresa
  • Urb. La Noria


Property prices in Sabanillas range from very cheap to high end with prices starting from under €100.000 for an apartment going up to €700.000 for a spacious villa or finca. Even though Sabanillas offers some new developments, the majority of sales are resale properties as the quality of property built in this area has always been very good.

In Sabanillas it is still possible to get a beach front property at a reasonable price but it equally offers many lovely inland villas for less, offering amazing coastal views.

With Children

Sabanillas much like La Duquesa, offers many services for the younger children. Including after school activities and nurseries. However the majority of residents in this town opt to send their children to school in Estepona which is a mere 10 minute drive, and some choose to send theirs to Sotogrande that is approx. 25 minutes’ drive from the town.

Because Sabanillas is much quieter than La Duquesa or Estepona, it is not unheard of that children still play in the street late at night and there is this feeling of security and community spirit that you don’t see in the larger towns anymore.

Young couples / Singletons

If you enjoy peace and quiet as a couple or just like things in your own way, then Sabanillas is an excellent choice for you. However, don’t come here for a bustling nightlife or active social scene. Sabanillas is ideal for those wanting to start a family, but not so much for those looking to socialise and network. Of course, it is a short drive down to Estepona town where you will find all these activities. Alternatively you could drive to Sotogrande which will take you less than 30 minutes To sum up, Sabanillas will give you everything you need in terms of space and peace but you might find yourself wishing you lived some place a bit more lively.


To retire in Sabanillas is a great idea. It is quiet, peaceful, everything is close together and the beaches are simply stunning. Clean, not too crowded, even in summer, and lined with plenty of cheap bars and restaurants to put your feet up. With Estepona being just 10 minutes away you can still enjoy the bustle of a town but knowing you can retreat to your peaceful haven in Sabanillas at the end of the day.

Though La Duquesa has more to offer when it comes to social activities for expats, Sabanillas certainly also has many non-official social groups to join.

The beauty of Sabanillas is that you will feel like you really live in Spain as the town is still very traditional and offers many Spanish activities.

Casares Costa – White Village, white beaches


Casares Costa has long been a favorite for overseas buyers from all over the world. Its picturesque white villages, its proximity to Estepona town and its wonderfully welcoming residents make for a beautiful area to buy a second home. Casares features many naturally beautiful areas to explore. Its name says it all, Casares Costa is mainly built along the coastline and almost every property offers fantastic sea views. However, going inland you can find its “sister village” of Casares which is a traditional whitewashed village sitting 430 metres above sea level. A definite must-visit when you are in the area!

Casares Costa offers many excellent activities such as water sports, jeep safaris, inland excursions & trekking but if you just want to relax on the beach, then Casares Costa offers a long stretch of sandy beaches which are never overcrowded and offer stunning views over the mediterranean. Of course, Casares Costa offers some of the most beautiful Golf Courses including the Casares Golf Course and the award winning Finca Cortesin Golf Course, part of the 5* Finca Cortesin Hotel Resort.

Popular Areas

  • Marina de Casares
  • Bahia de Casares
  • Casares del Mar
  • Bahia Dorada
  • Urb, La Galeria


Casares Costa as well as Casares offer properties ranging from as little as €150.000 up to €2.000.000. It all depends what it is you are looking for.

If you are looking for a beach property you can find a nice 2 bed apartment starting from around €250.000, but go a little further inland (and with a little we mean less than 5 minutes drive!) the property prices go down and for €150.000 or less you can find beautiful 2/3 bed apartments that still offer amazing sea views!

Furthermore, Casares Costa has been a favorite area for new developments as there is still a lot of land to build on. Therefore, you can easily find nice newly build projects starting from €160.000 and up. It is definitely worth adding Casares Costa to your list of must-see places when buying a property on the Costa del Sol.

With Children

Casares Costa has long been regarded as a bit upmarket for young professionals without children. There are many luxurious hotels in the area, there’s even a naturist beach and many avid golfers have purchased a property in this area because of the luxury golf courses in the area.

Even though you are close to Sabanillas and Estepona, there is not an awful lot to do for children in this area. Sure, the urbanisation you live in probably offers a pool and facilities to keep them busy, but finding after school activities will soon bring you further down the coast to Sabanillas or closer to Estepona.

Young couples / Singletons

Casares Costa is a quiet and peaceful area, so if this rocks your boat, this is a great place for you to settle. You can enjoy endless walks along the beach or into nature, there’s places to meet other likeminded young professionals, and there are wonderfully hidden gems of restaurants all over the place.

Hoever, if you are looking for a thriving nightlife, you are probably going to be better off moving closer to Estepona or towards Duquesa. Having said that, Estepona is really just a few minutes drive so a taxi ride into town would not cost too much. This way, you could have best of both worlds!


Casares Costa is a very popular destination for expats looking to retire in Spain. It offers many activities for expats such as walking, hiking, safari trips, golf and beach walks, but also because many of the hotels often organise nights out for expats where you can enjoy a show, listen to live music or just meet up with likeminded golf enthusiasts.

Furthermore, the area offers 2 major supermarkets and the town of Estepona is only a short drive so you can find your high-street stores just a few minutes from where you are.

Estepona – Traditional & Growing


Estepona was once a small fishing village and over the last 15 years, transformed itself to an international Mediterranean town that buzzes with activity and social engagements.

In the “Old Town”, you can find many high street shops as well as quaint little boutique shops. The town has a port with bars, restaurants and Night Clubs as well as a pier where you can admire the sea and the many boats that moor in this port.

Popular areas out of town (west)

  • Urb. Arroyo Vaquero
  • Urb. El Rodeo
  • Saladavieja
  • Valle Romano

Popular areas in the center

  • Urb. Puerto de Estepona
  • Estepona Town
  • Punta de Doncella

Popular areas out of town (east)

  • Bahia de Plata
  • Urb. Alcazaba Beach
  • Los Granados del Mar


Estepona is an up and coming town meaning that the property prices are good value compared to Marbella. Furthermore, purchasing a property in Estepona will give you a great return on investment in the coming years, as Estepona is quite literally blooming and growing exponentially.

In Estepona, you can quite easily find apartments for sale from as little as €100.000 without compromising on space and views. Equally, you can spend up to €15.000.000 on an 8 bed villa if that is what you are looking for. Regardless of your budget, Estepona will have something to offer for everyone.

New developments are also up and coming in this town, and new constructions are popular. Lovely apartments, penthouses and villas at very low prices are on offer in this town, and the quality is very good. In fact, many of the new builds in Estepona are very high tech and eco-friendly as the town strives to become one of the most eco-friendly towns on the Costa del Sol.

With Children

Estepona town offers a selection of great Spanish schools but those who would like to send their children to an international private school would look towards the International School Estepona located in El Paraíso approx. 10 minutes from the town of Estepona.

Another option is the Mayfair Academy, which is also located around 10 minutes from town in the area of Atalaya.

After school, activities are plentiful and you will find a wide selection of nurseries in town as well.

Estepona has a great reputation when it comes to looking after the children’s needs. It has a massive indoor sports facility with indoor pool, paddle and tennis. Furthermore, it regularly organizes child-orientated activities on the promenade.

The town also has one of the best beaches on the coast. Sandy, soft and stretching along the entire town. The beaches are very clean and offer lifeguards in the summer. There are showers on the beach itself and the promenade is lined with great little bars and restaurants.

Your couples / Singletons

Estepona is a great town for young couples wanting to start a family but equally for singletons who are looking for a social life. Even though the town is very Spanish, it has a thriving international community. There are plenty of bars, nightclubs, restaurants and social clubs and it seems every weekend there is something else to discover.


Estepona town might be a little too busy for those looking for a tranquil life in the sun, but there are many surrounding villages that offer that way of life without being too far away from the town. However if you like living in the midst of it all, Estepona might be just the ticket. It does offer great beachside properties for a reasonable price that are walking distance to all the shops and amenities plus Estepona offers many activities for retired residents. The town is very focused on its Spanish community too offering both Expat and Spanish events.

The New Golden Mile – Copycat name and Thriving


The New Golden Mile is a selection of small resorts just east of Estepona. It stretches between Estepona Town and San Pedro Alcántara giving a wide choice of opportunities. It is close enough to the big cities but far away enough to be able to enjoy a peaceful life. The entire area of the New Golden Mile stretches for approx.  20 KM.

You can find many luxury hotels on the New Golden Mile and the area is home to one of the largest Safari Zoos in Spain.

Along the New Golden Mile, you will find areas such as Selwo, Guadalmansa, Cancellada, Costalita, El Paraiso, Atalaya, Diana Park and Buena Vista to name a few. Each of these areas have their own urbanisations such as Dunas Green, Paraiso Green, Atalaya Park, El Campanario and El Velerin, however too many to list as hundreds to choose from.

Popular Areas:

  • Los Flamingos
  • Bel Air
  • Benavista
  • Benamara
  • El Paraiso
  • Atalaya
  • Guadalmansa
  • Playa del Sol
  • Saladillo Benamara
  • Cancelada
  • La Resina
  • Hacienda Beach
  • Los Granados Playa


The New Golden Mile offers properties for all budgets. New Developments and resales properties are offered at very reasonable prices. You will definitely find the right property for your budget in this area.

Properties for sale on the New Golden Mile are great investments because the area has grown exponentially since 2015.  The increase of new residences brought many more shops, supermarkets, restaurants, cafés and bars to the area. Furthermore, the New Golden Mile has some of the most beautiful beaches with stunning beach bars and restaurants hidden away from the busy main road, so you can see why this area is very attractive for people to buy to let for holiday rentals or long-term rent.

With Children

The New Golden Mile is very diverse and if you are a family with children, you will definitely find nurseries and many after school activities. The area is very mixed but the majority of buyers were from the UK in the past creating a strong English community that organises many activities on a daily basis.

Older children usually go to one of the international private schools in the area including the Mayfair Academy and the Estepona International School, but equally many children go to the Calpe School, or Laude in San Pedro. However, there are also many national schools to be found in the area, especially in San Pedro that is just 10 minutes from the middle of the New Golden Mile.

Young Couples / Singletons

The new golden mile offers many bars, clubs and restaurants but the majority of people buying property in this area either have children, are with a family or are retired, so it will be hard to find likeminded people in this area.

If you however enjoy to be on your own and do not mind a 20€ taxi ride to find nightlife, then the New Golden Mile is a great option for you. You can take advantage of the lower property prices in this area while not being too far away from the hustle and bustle of the city of San Pedro or the luxurious Puerto Banus.


Finding a nice home for retirement on the New Golden Mile will be an easy task. There are many different options from front line apartments and villas to rustic townhouses inland and with the wide range of budgets to choose from, you will find a property your heart desires.

Since the majority of properties for sale on the New Golden Mile are new developments or recently refurbished, you will find properties with all the modern features you would expect from a new property in Spain.

Furthermore, the prestigious Hospiten private hospital is located on the New Golden Mile. The hospital has a 24-hour emergency, and many doctors and physicians speak English.

Benahavis – Rich and Stunning


Benahavis Town & its county are located a little inland so do not expect to find any beach properties here. The views from this majestic autonomous town and surrounding areas are simply breathtaking. However, many disregard this area, as it is not beachside even if it is only less than 10 minutes’ drive away. The town is very small but does have its own schools, a grand hotel, many activities and the best restaurants on the coast with busy bars in the old town. Green forests, mountains and amazing streams and lakes surround the town. You can spend hours discovering the wildlife surrounding this town and with the many sporting activities organised by local businesses you can be endlessly entertained!

Popular Areas

  • Benahavis Town
  • Capanes del Golf
  • Los Arqueros
  • La Heredia
  • Las Colinas de Marbella
  • Lomas de La Quinta
  • Urb, Monte Halcones
  • Urb. El Herrojo


The town of Benahavis is a true gem on the Costa del Sol and the property prices reflect that. You could find a small apartment for around €200.000 but generally you would probably need double that for a comfortable spacious home or townhouse. Benahavis is also home to some of the more exclusive villas on the Costa del Sol, with prices ranging from €700.000 to infinity! Especially within one of the most sought after golf courses called Los Flamingos.

In this town surrounded by nature (the majority of which protected) new developments are difficult to find in comparison to the rest of the coast. This does not mean there is no choice; there is still plenty however, prices will reflect the high demand and low stock. This results in rising property prices in this Town and area so it is safe to say that buying property here will be a wise investment to make.

With children

If you are a family with young children, Benahavis is a great place for them to grow up. There is a local school and the town has a few nurseries. There is even a hospitality school in the town where you can get a cheap but beautiful meal served twice a week! However, if your children are older and going to college, you need to consider commuting! Bringing your children down from Benahavis to the colleges in San Pedro or Guadalmina will be a 25 to 35 minutes’ drive, only to do the same thing again in the afternoon, so be aware there will be a lot of chauffeuring to do!

On the other hand, to have your children grow up in the midst of nature with so many sporting activities in the area does outweigh the morning commute! The town is very rich with a great Town hall supporting existing and new residents. Young families will be safe and supported in Benahavis.

Young couples / singletons

Unless you are a young couple looking to have children in the next year or so, Benahavis might be a little boring if you are looking for an active social life. Generally, the residents of Benahavis look for peace and quiet when they move to the area,  though the town does have the occasional community activity you can sign up for.

There are a couple of bars and restaurants in the town and some stay open till late, but to find an active nightlife you will have to come down the mountain to San pedro or Puerto Banus and a taxi ride from Benahavis will soon set you back a cool €60 one way!

Having said that, if you like to feel one with nature and like to keep to yourself, then Benahavis will be a dream town for you! There is so much to explore and do following the tracks, enjoying a buggy tour, wild water rafting or even abseiling. Your inner Tarzan will be positively delighted about the move!


If you love nature and peace and quiet, you will love to retire in Benahavis. It has many beautiful tracks to follow into the woods, there are plenty of expat clubs to join and go on leisurely walks in the weekends and the town is small enough to have everything at walking distance.

Because it is surrounded by a beautiful forest and much of it is protected, you do not have to worry that Benahavis turns into a huge tourist resort overnight. This also means that that amazing view you paid for is very likely to stay!

Guadalmina – Baja o Alta?


Guadalmina is one of the most mature areas west of Marbella for both residents and tourists alike. It has amazing golf courses, lots of luxury hotels, a stunning clean beach, many schools, clubs and great restaurants & bars.

Furthermore, since Guadalmina Baja is literally walking distance to the town of San Pedro, it is ideal for both holiday rentals and long-term residency. Guadalmina boasts its own shopping centre with many boutique restaurants, shops, cafés, a supermarket, public services, hairdressers, beauticians and a pharmacy.

Popular Areas

  • Guadalmina Alta
  • Guadalmina Baja
  • Sol Beach
  • Urb. Alhambra del Golf



Guadalmina is a very popular area, and the property prices reflect that. In this area you will find properties from €200.000 going up to €15.000.000. Having said that, the area is becoming increasingly popular and buying a property here is a great investment opportunity. Even though there are less new developments in Guadalmina then in any other area of the New Golden Mile, the properties up for sale in this area keep their prices very well.

With Children

Guadalmina is an ideal area to bring up children. There are plenty of nurseries, after school clubs and many activity areas such as the Galaxia play center or the Cable Ski School on the lake. Furthermore, in Guadalmina itself there are a few very prestigious international schools including the Mayfair academy and the Colegio San Jose.

Guadalmina Baja is at walking distance to San Pedro that is where the now famous boulevard offers many activities for children, including various playgrounds with adjacent cafés for the parents to enjoy a nice sunny afternoon. There is even an outdoor ice skating rink that is open all year round!

Young Couples / Singletons

For professional young couples and singletons, Guadalmina really is a great place to network and join the community. Even though many foreigners live in the area, its majority of residents are Spanish, but many speak English, as the area is very cosmopolitan.

There are no nightclubs in the area, but San Pedro is only a few minutes’ walk, so there is plenty to do and Guadalmina does offer many cafés and bars that are open until late, both beachside, the commercial centre and further up, Alta, where the famous Golf Course is situated.


If you are looking to retire anywhere on the Costa del Sol then Guadalmina should definitely be on your wish list. For one, it has the most amazing golf clubs and courses. Furthermore, you will find everything you need within walking distance, shops, restaurants, cafès and there is a real community spirit amongst retired expats. There are many social clubs to join and since the area borders the town of San Pedro you never have to go far to find something to do.

The boulevard of San Pedro offers great activities and playgrounds for when the grandchildren come to visit and the beach runs from Guadalmina all the way to Puerto Banus if you feel like a long winters walk!

San Pedro Alcántara – Developed and Emerging


San Pedro Alcántara was only a small fisher’s village less than 20 years ago. Since then it has transformed into a thriving bustling town full of activities, entertainment, shops, restaurants, bars and clubs. Furthermore, the town of San Pedro recently finished their boulevard lined with cafés and bars along with many children playgrounds and play areas including an open-air ice rink that is open all year round!

The town hosts many events throughout the year including their famous Feria in October. San Pedro is the last town in Andalucia to hold the event and therefore it is always very well attended. The beaches are very well looked after with long wide sandy beaches lined with beach bars, restaurants and a large promenade that stretches all the way to Puerto Banus.

Popular Areas

  • Urb Linda Vista
  • Urb. Montecarmelo
  • Castiglione
  • Urb. Los Angeles
  • Urb. Lorea Playa
  • Cortijo Blanco
  • Urb. Las Minosas
  • Urb. Tiro Pichon
  • Urb. Las Petunias


Due to significant investments in this area in recent years, the property prices have soared in just 2 years since 2015. Even though you can still find properties around €150.000 in the centre it will be a hard task finding something worth investing in for that budget. For example New developments released in 2015 from 200,000€ now cost 350,000€ – new developments always offer cheaper properties than the ones already built, however it shows there are still investment opportunities in this area.

For a healthy budget of €350.000 you will get a nice new townhouse near the boulevard and higher budgets might get you something near the sea, but you have to be quick. Properties for sale in San Pedro generally sell within a very short space of time as San Pedro is one to look out for the next 5 or more years to come!

With Children

Absolutely!! There is definitely no reason why you should not want to move to San Pedro with children of any age! There are plenty of nurseries, playgrounds, schools and colleges to choose from both private and state funded.

The town has excellent bus connections in the direction of Malaga or Cadiz and with the new underground tunnel; it will take you less than 5 minutes to get to Puerto Banus or 10 minutes to Marbella.

We mentioned the boulevard many times in this article, but it really is worth mentioning again, how beneficial this feature is for residents with children. There are 5 different playgrounds with a café right next to it so you get to enjoy a nice drink in the sun while keeping an eye on the kids.

Young couples / Singletons

If you are looking to build a large social network, then San Pedro will be a great choice for you. There are many bars / clubs and social clubs in this area. Furthermore, being just 5 minutes from Puerto Banus, it will cost a mere 10€ to take a taxi from San Pedro Alcántara to the popular marina where you can party until the early hours.

San Pedro is very family focused, and if you are a young couple looking to start a family, you could not be in a better place. It has many helpful centres for young couples looking to start a family and the healthcare services are very good, including a private clinic “Clinica del Rio” that specialises in family care.


San Pedro offers something for any category, even for those looking for a quiet and peaceful retirement. The centre of San Pedro will be a little too hectic, but the outskirts including the beachfront area are perfect for retired expats.

The boulevard offers a peaceful setting where you can watch the children play and enjoy a drink in the sun. There is an amphitheater where you can enjoy the occasional concert staged by the town hall.  The beach is quiet enough to enjoy long walks all the way to Puerto Banus. Then the town centre offers many stores and boutiques. It is not too busy, not even on a Saturday, and everything is at walking distance.

The town has a marvellous church square where one could just sit and watch the world go by; lined with plenty of small cafes and bars to enjoy a drink and a bite.

Nueva Andalucia – Thriving & Residential


Nueva Andalucia is the area located between San Pedro Alcántara and Marbella, just above the famous Puerto Banus only separated by the main road. It reaches all the way up into the mountains also known as the Golf Valley offering a full array of great properties.

Nueva Andalucia offers many activities and a lot of golf; there is the Saturday market, concerts in the Bullring, the shopping centre “Centro Plaza” offers many boutique shops and lovely little restaurants.

The area is famous for its many luxurious golf courses including the popular Los Naranjos Golf and Country Club.

The other reason why Nueva Andalucia is so very popular is its location close to Puerto Banus where the larger shopping mall “El Corte Inglés” is located and the famous marina with its luxury yachts and fast cars. There you will find a great nightlife and social network.

Since Nueva Andalucia is located just 5 minutes from Marbella, it is easy to just quickly pop down to Marbella to enjoy an afternoon strolling to the old town and do a bit of window-shopping.

Popular Areas

  • Urb. Altos del Rodeo
  • Urb. Aldea Blanca
  • Urb. Andalucia Garden Club
  • Urb.. La Alzambra Vasari
  • La Dama de Noche
  • Los Naranjos
  • Urb. San Javier
  • Las Brisas
  • Les Belvederes


Because of its desirable location, properties in Nueva Andalucia will be more expensive. Even if you find the sporadic property for sale at under €200,000 -, it will be slim pickings… To purchase a property in Nueva Andalucia, you should come with a healthy budget starting at the minimal amount of €250.000 to be able to find something but renovations and/or modernisation will be needed. Your budget needs to practically double to get a more spacious, modern, refurbished or new property in Nueva Andalucia Property prices go up to the millions also, so there is plenty of choice if you have a generous budget.

As an investment purchase, Nueva Andalucia is definitely up there in the best areas to buy property. The property prices in this region are always rising. The holiday rental industry is very lucrative too for investors. The best short-term rentals let all year round giving you a substantial Return of Investment as well as long-term rentals that are generally snapped up instantly.

With children

If you move to Spain with children and are looking in Nueva Andalucia, we recommend you look a little higher up ,in the Los Naranjos area for example, as this is a very peaceful and safer area than further down towards Puerto Banus. Also, it is in this area where you will find the Aloha College, which is hugely popular with the expat community. The public school Jose Banus is also in this area and there are plenty of nurseries around Nueva Andalucia too.

Nueva Andalucia has a multisports kids club where you can leave your children all day under professional supervision while they learn new sporting skills. Then there is the turtle lake where you can feed the ducks and fish and plenty of tennis clubs that have special courses for children.

Young couples / Singletons

Nueva Andalucia is thriving all year round so for young couples or singletons, of any age, this really is a great place to live. You are close to the social community of Puerto Banus, there is plenty of activity all year round. The Popular La Sala bar & restaurant is located in the area where networking is made easy. The many Golf Clubs offer a great opportunity to mingle with local residents.

You will however need to have a healthy budget to buy a property in this area, especially if you want to purchase walking distance to the commercial centre, Puerto Banus or the beach. Properties in this area will cost from the region of €400.000 for a small apartment. Even though you will find cheaper properties further up, you need to consider having to travel down to the coast to find that social community.


Retiring in the area of Nueva Andalucia is a dream of many and does live up to its expectations entirely providing you purchase your property in the right area. If you are looking for a quiet life, then do not go too close to Puerto Banus. The Aloha / Los Naranjos area would be a better fit for those looking to retire in peace. Since the area offers many Golf Courses including the Los Naranjos County club, you will be sure to create a great network of likeminded people in this area. Furthermore, if the family and grandchildren are coming to visit, there will be plenty for them to do in the area, as you are so close to everything.

If you are thinking of only retiring part-time in Spain, the area is very suitable for holiday rental so your property could pay for itself very easily just by renting it our 2 months if the year in July & August.

Puerto Banus – The Beating Heart of the Costa Del Sol.


Even though it is the most popular area in Marbella, the area of Puerto Banus is very small; it is the most visited area on the Costa del Sol. Its famous marina lined with super yachts, luxury cars and exclusive boutiques and clubs is very popular with many of the world’s rich and famous. It also offers many clubs, restaurants and bars that, in summer, do not close until the very early hours of the morning.

The beach of Puerto Banus is long and wide so you will have plenty of space to sunbathe. The port is also home to some of the more exclusive sports clubs and furthermore offers a wide range of activities and water sports.

Puerto Banus also houses the large “El Corte Inglés” shopping centre where you can find anything from home decorations to clothes & accessories and this is also where the large Hipercor supermarket is located. Alongside this supermall, you will find other superstores such as Zara & Mango and every weekend there is a large market on the square of Puerto Banus.

Popular Areas

  • La Isla
  • La Alcazaba
  • Urb. Puerto Jose Banus
  • Urb. Villa Marina
  • Urb. Villa Romana


To buy a property in Puerto Banus you need to bring a more than generous budget. Properties generally do not go for less than €350.000 and even at that price, you should not expect anything more than a 1 bed flat or a property that needs full renovation. Properties in this area are popular not only because they are ideal for holiday rentals and will yield a great return all year round, it is also because the area does not allow for new construction meaning the demand is high and property prices have never stopped to increase.

To be honest, all prices around the Costa Del Sol (West) are based on how far you are situated from Puerto Banus!

If you are looking for a villa or townhouse in this area, you should expect a property price of €700.000 with some properties easily reaching the 10s of millions.

With Children

The area of Puerto Banus itself is not exactly suitable for children, however, being situated close to Nueva Andalucia you will have access to all the great features of that area including the Aloha College, tennis clubs and sports facilities. Furthermore, when your children grow older, they will have a great time living in Puerto Banus as the nightlife will be right on their doorstep!

Of course, if you purchase a private villa in this area, you will not have too much worry about the surrounding area, but don’t expect to be able to let your kids play outside on the street in the evening.

Your couples / singletons

If you can afford it, then Puerto Banus is definitely the best place to buy when you are a young couple or singleton. The social life is thriving in this area, and you will be guaranteed to make many new friends and connections. The plethora of bars and clubs in the area will keep you busy most nights even in winter! Keep in mind that, due to its popularity with tourists, everything in Puerto Banus is more expensive, so a night out, a nice lunch or even the daily shop will cost you more here than anywhere else on the coast.

On another note, if you own a boat too… you could moor it in your backyard, so that is a bonus!


If you are a single retired person or simply enjoy the nightlife then Puerto Banus would be a great option for you as it offers a great social life. If you would rather retire in peace however, then give Puerto Banus a miss and look in Nueva Andalucia instead.

Especially in summer, Puerto Banus can be a crowded and noisy place to live with many tourists flocking the streets in search of adventure. However, if you are looking to retire only in winter and leave Spain in summer, you could rent your property out in summer and create a very nice income next to your pension! Rentals from 1000€ per week for a 1 bed apartment are definitely not unheard of in the summer months so it might be worth your while!

The Golden Mile – Famous & Luxurious


The Golden Mile of Marbella is located right between Marbella and Puerto Banus. Named the Golden Mile because of its grand villas, expensive property and luxury hotels, the area really lives up to its name. The Marbella Club Hotel is one of the oldest most luxurious hotels on this part of the coast and attracts many famous names from all over the world for a luxurious holiday in Spain.

Its sister hotel “Puente Romano” is home to the “Puente Romano Tennis Club where many big names in the tennis world have come to play matches including Sergio Bruguera, Pat Cash, Krajicek and Martina Hingis.

The Golden Mile is also, where King Fahed of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia built the infamous “White House” – a replica of the actual White House. Every year the family flocks with over 3000 family members and 300 servants along with over 100 new cars to the coastal resort to spend their summer holidays in the sun. It is no wonder that this area is The Golden Mile with that kind of money coming in every year.

Popular Areas

  • Las Lomas de Marbella Club
  • Urb. Ancón Sierra
  • El Ancon
  • Monte Paraiso
  • Urb. La Carolina
  • Torre del Marbella Club,
  • Urb. El Vicario
  • Urb. Santa Petronila
  • Santa Margarita
  • Los Verdiales


  • Marbella Hill Club
  • Urb. La Capellania
  • Urb. Tomillar de Nagueles
  • Aroyo de las Piedras
  • Cortijo de Nagueles
  • Sierra Blanca


It will come as no surprise that, if you want to purchase a property in this prestigious area, you will need to come with a lot of money especially the exclusive and limited beachside area. Beach side properties without sea views start from around €700,000 and many vendors will ask for proof of funds before confirming an appointment. Saying that, in the Residencial area of The Golden Mile, called Lomas De Marbella Club, prices could start as low as 250,000€, however you will need a car to access all amenities.

As investment, the Golden Mile is a good location to buy. It has many green protected land, and you won’t find many new construction in the area, however, the area is vast, so even though there’s no new construction now, doesn’t mean there won’t be in 10 years’ time!

With children

If you can afford to buy on the The Golden Mile, you will probably not mind the prices of private schools in the area. A great option here is the Aloha College and the British International School of Marbella. Furthermore, this area is home to the prestigious Les Roche International school of Hotel Management and then there is the Marbella University too!

The Swans primary school is a great option for the little ones and there are plenty of nurseries in the area too. All these schools are located in or close to the Golden Mile of Marbella so there is no lengthy morning commute to worry about.

Additionally, the Golden Mile offers many parks and playgrounds for children; there are tennis clubs and many groups that offer after school activities all year round.

Young couples / singletons

This area of Marbella is ideal for those young couples of singletons that are looking for an active social life. Mingle with the rich and famous in one of the popular beach bars, dance in some of the world’s best nightclubs (including Olivia Valaire, Finca Besaya & the Puente Romano “La Suite”), and dine at some of the chic restaurants.

Granted, you need to have a large budget to buy here, but is you are one of those new-age millionaires, you will fit right in!


The Golden Mile is an excellent place to purchase a property to retire. It is close enough to Marbella to enjoy all the town’s features yet far away enough to avoid the busy summer months. The Golden Mile also offers some of the very best golf courses on the coast so there will be plenty to keep you busy. The Marbella Club Hotel and the Puente Romano Hotel including surrounding beach bars often offer live entertainment in the evenings, some even aimed directly at the expat communities

Marbella – Tradition & Culture


The root of tourism on the Costa del Sol; Marbella is where it all started and many areas along the coast are referred to as Marbella by estate agents. Locals and foreigners know Marbella Town & Marbella differently. Marbella, in the marketing world, is a place that will stretch from San Pedro Alcantara to Cabopino!

The town of Marbella is famous for its well-kept beaches and many activities being organised on a daily basis along the paseo. Then there’s the old town, lined with lovely small boutiques, restaurants, bars and souvenir shops and the town also has it’s only super mall “La Cañada” where you will find a cinema, many more high street shops and more restaurants.

The town gets very busy in the height of the summer when all the hotels are booked up to their max, but in winter, the town transforms to a beautiful tranquil summer resort.

Popular Areas

  • Urb. Sierramas
  • Huerta del Prado
  • El Mirador
  • Marbella Centro
  • Conjunto Lomas del Olivar
  • El Capricho
  • Urb. La Virginia
  • Marbellamar
  • Marbella Sierra Blanca
  • Urb. San Miguel
  • Urb. La Cantera
  • Urb. Lomas Bellas
  • Urb. La Serrania


Finding a property in the center of Marbella is hard work, one must understand that Marbella Town is more like a city where people work, live and commute every day. Being on the sea, this offers the tourism and expat community something to consider. However, some areas in Marbella need to be dismissed and the closer you get to the sea the more expensive it will be.

If you are looking around the center however, in the surrounding urbanisations, there will be much more on offer. The prices however continue to be quite high and for good reason. Purchasing a property near Marbella almost guarantees you a lifetime of holiday rental income in both the low season and the high season. Since no new developments are considered now, in the already densely populated areas, the prices continue to rise year after year. You pay a pretty penny, but the returns on investment are practically a guarantee.

A beach side 1 bedroom sea view apartment already refurbished will set you back from around 350,000€. An apartment within the old town is expected to cost over 400,000€. The majority of properties are apartments, unless you venture north to the exclusive areas like Nagueles and Sierra Blanca.

With children

Living in Marbella with children will be a great experience depending on your lifestyle. Most resorts nowadays have a communal area with pool so you will be secluded from the busy town and its noise and traffic, however, when you step outside of your home, do not expect to find tranquility and peace, especially in the summer season. This is city life.

You also need to consider that many of the properties in this area rent out for holidays in the season and this might bring noisy neighbours and a less than pleasant living environment, so be careful about that when buying property in Marbella Town.

On the other hand, you will have everything within walking distance. Shops, bars, restaurants, supermarkets, schools nurseries, doctors and pharmacies. You could live in Marbella without a car and still get to all your necessities easily.

Young couples / singletons

Marbella is very cosmopolitan and as a single person or a young couple looking for a social life, Marbella is truly a dream come true.

It has all the social clubs you could think of, there is plenty to do for anyone at any time and the local bars and restaurants offer endless entertainment. With the amount of tourism flocking the town each year, you will make plenty of new friends every time you go out. Just do not expect them to stick around very long!


Retirees would be better off purchasing a property higher up in Marbella, into the area of Nagueles on the “other side of the highway” because it will be quieter in these areas and you will have less noise pollution. These are the areas where all the golf courses & country clubs are and where you can really build on a network of other likeminded expats.

Of course, you can easily retire in the town of Marbella near the beach, but you have to keep in mind that living in such an overcrowded tourist resort in summer will soon get on your nerves. Having said that. If you look to retire in Marbella only in the winter-months, then that could just be your best option! Enjoy the quiet real Marbella in all its grandeur in winter, and let your property out in summer for a reasonably high rental fee each week. It could be a win win!

Marbella East – Sandy Beaches & Nikki Beach


East of Marbella is where you find resorts such as Rio Real, Los Monteros, El Rosario, Elviria, Las Chapas and Cabopino. The areas, as mentioned before are also known as Marbella and often described as being just minutes from Marbella, in fact between 5 and 15 minutes from Marbella center.

Each resort has its own features; in Los Monteros you will find the famous “Los Monteros Hotel” where many famous people have spend their vacations over the years including Micheal Jackson, Sean Connery or Julio Iglesias and where Antonio Banderas has a home by the sea. A little further down you can find Elviria where the Don Carlos Hotel gives home to the popular Nikki Beach – Beach Club. Further still is where Las Chapas and Cabopino are. Cabopino offers a small port lined with restaurants and bars. Each of these areas offer plenty of Golf courses and outdoor activities for all ages but the most popular destinations for residents as well as tourists are Elviria & Cabopino.

Popular Areas:

  • Urb. Rio Real Golf
  • El real Panorama
  • Golf Rio Real Village
  • Las Brisas
  • Bahia Real
  • Los Monteros
  • Bosquemar
  • Los Pinos
  • Ricmar
  • Vistamar
  • Loma de las Palmas
  • Real Zaragoza
  • Marbella Playa
  • Elviria
  • Santa Maria
  • Belle Epoque
  • Las Chapas
  • Pinos Verdes
  • Artola
  • Cabopino
  • Jarales de Alhamar
  • Urb. Calypso
  • El Juncal
  • Las Mimosas
  • Jardin Botanico
  • El Bombo



This area offers you a wide range of properties at different budgets. The best way to communicate this is to understand this area on four phases.

  • Phase one: Front line and beach side – prices are high especially if you want a sea-view and properties will start from around 300,000€ to the millions.
  • Phase 2: This is the other side of the main road, where prices start from 150,000€ but come with significant with road noise. Decent properties are over the 200,000€ mark for apartments, from 300,000€ for townhouses and over 500,000€ for detached villas.
  • Phase 3:  Just before the main highway where amazing views are on offer as they are located well above sea level, prices can be reasonable and you can find a very nice 2 bedroom apartment, fully renovated for 215,000€.
  • The final phase 4:  Above the highway, areas such as Altos de los Monteros and La Mareina, with amazing panoramic views, these areas offer a wide range of properties from 160,000€ to extremely large detached villas in the millions.

The rental potential of properties bought east of Marbella is very good still, especially if you buy near the beach and there are many deals if you buy a little further inland.

There is also plenty of room for new developments in these areas, and even though there are not many found in this part of the coast now, no doubt, they will start building again soon and you can expect many new developments to sell at good prices further inland.

With Children

Many of the resorts East of Marbella are great for families with children of all ages, these areas are not only aimed at the English community, and in fact, many Scandinavian, Francophile, German and Dutch facilities are to be found in these areas.

There is Las Chapas Bilingual School, the English International College, a German college and there are a plethora of nurseries and after school activities in the area. A “treetop park” is great for children. You will also be near enough to Mijas where you will find plenty to do for children.

Young couples / Singletons

If you are looking to enjoy the busy Marbella lifestyle but prefer to avoid the hustle and bustle 24/7 then these resorts offer a great way of life. Being just minutes from Marbella will mean you can enjoy a busy lifestyle, but being away from Marbella Center will also give you the peace and quiet you need sometimes. The Lifestyle in these areas is usually pretty laid back and local bars and restaurants have everything on offer with regards to a local social life, but if you feel like going all out one evening, then Marbella is just a short (and inexpensive) taxi ride away!


If you are looking to retire near Marbella then Marbella east is a wonderful place to live. Especially the area of Elviria has a very high number of expats from all over the world and it has a large commercial centre so you will soon build up an active social life. With property prices starting at around €200.000 it does not have to be an expensive investment either. The areas are growing exponentially with new developments to come soon!

Elviria & Cabopino offer great golf courses and clubhouses so there is plenty to do and has the best sandy beaches in the area.

Mijas Costa – Thriving with Expats


Mijas Costa starts in Calahonda, through to Riviera Del Sol, La Cala de Mijas and right up to the borders of Fuengirola. The area is very popular with tourists and residents alike. In Mijas Costa, you can find uninterrupted beaches, many cafes and restaurants, great bars with entertainment all year round and there are a very large number of companies organising outdoor activities.

Because its very central location equally divided between Fuengirola and Marbella, the area is very popular with tourists. Only 30 minutes to get to Málaga Airport, 10 minutes from Fuengirola and 20 minutes to Marbella. It does get busy in the summer, but because the area stretches for long, it never gets overcrowded.

Mijas Costa has really started to grow in the past years, and many hedge funds have seen this change and have started investing in new developments in the area. So much so that La Cala de Mijas and Mijas Costa have become the most desired areas for those people looking to buy new contemporary and modern developments.

Popular Areas

  • La Cala de Mijas
  • Urb. Mijas PLaya
  • Urb, Playa Marina
  • Urb. Los Claveles
  • Urb. Cortijera
  • Urb.. Buganvillas
  • Urb. El Chaparral
  • Urb. Las Farolas
  • Urbb. Mohana
  • El Faro
  • Prado marina
  • Las Lagunas de Mijas
  • Urb. El Ensueño
  • Montebello
  • Olimar
  • Las Yucas
  • Urb. Haza del algarrobo
  • Finca Don Pedro


Properties in Mijas Costa also come with a very attractive price tag. You can find new developments starting at just €140.000   but equally, if you are looking for something more luxurious you can find many properties over €400.000 or up to €1.000.000 if you so desire.

Resales properties are generally in a very nice condition and properties sold are typically no older than 10 years. They are of good quality and many have excellent views.

This means that investing in a property in this area will give you a great return in resales as well as rental income. If your property is located near the beach or close to the shops, you could really generate a nice additional income from renting it out both long term and short term.

With children

The area of La Cala de Mijas and Mijas Costa are absolutely a great place to bring up your children. The towns offer many activities for children and Mijas offers some spectacular international schools including the prestigious St. Anthony College.

It is so close to the town of Fuengirola, there are plenty of options for schools, nurseries and universities to choose from.

Fuengirola offers great entertainment including the waterpark, zoo and Marine Park for endless days of fun.

Young Couples / Singletons

You cannot really go wrong choosing to live in Mijas if you are a young couple or singleton. There really is so much to do and the nightlife is very good. You are minutes away from Fuengirola if you are really looking to paint the town red, but equally, La Cala de Mijas and Mijas Costa both offer a wide variety of bars, restaurants and clubs to go to including the now infamous Olivias La Cala Bar and restaurant.

You will not be short of a social life in these areas. As well as a thriving expat community, there are lots of local clubs and activities to go to on a weekly basis.


For those that wish to retire in peace Mijas does have something to offer. It has many golf courses and clubhouses to join, but the community in each of the Mijas suburbs are always organising one trip or another to different areas of Spain. You would definitely have a great social life here in Mijas, and when the kids and grandkids come to visit, there will be plenty for them to do as well, not to mention the short drive to the airport makes it all the better!

Fuengirola – Cosmopolitan diversity


Fuengirola is a large city between Málaga and Marbella. It has many great attractions such as the Marina, Zoo and crocodile park to name but a few. The town is booming and is the next real “city” after Marbella Town.

Fuengirola offers schools, bars, clubs, restaurants and many high street shops. It also has its own large shopping centre with cinema, entertainment, bowling and children’s activities.

Fuengirola organises many events all year round to keep its residents entertained and each event is always attended really well with people flocking from as far as Barcelona to attend them.

Fuengirola also has a direct train connection with Málaga, making the area very popular with professionals who work in the city but like living away from the big lights.

Popular Areas

  • Las Palmeras
  • Fuengirola Town
  • Los Boliches
  • Torreblanca
  • La Morera
  • Torremeulle
  • Torrequebrada


Buying a property in the centre of Fuengirola is not easy, especially if you are on a budget. Sure you can find properties for under €200.00 but they would most likely need a lot of work or are located in a high rise with no views. To buy a good size quality property in Fuengirola, you need to look in the outskirts of the town and bring with you a budget of at least €300.000.

The reason why property is so dear in this area is the town’s popularity with tourists. Many know that a property in the center can easily give you a 5-figure income each month in the high season so they will price the property accordingly for sales.

Fuengirola is densely so it will be hard to find any new developments in the area. If any do come up, they are sold out very quickly. You really need to be on the case to find a good quality property in this area for a bargain price.

With Children

Because Fuengirola is a large town it offers everything you need for a life with children. It has great schools both international as well as public, it offers many after-school activities and there are many nurseries and playgrounds to bring the little ones to. Furthermore, with the easy connection to Malaga by train, it is a popular choice for those families with children looking to go to university.

However, the town is very densely populated and you really need to like that. It can get very busy in the town so the morning school-run can become quite stressful. If this is something that you enjoy, then you will love living in this town as it has so much to offer and really feels like a large cosmopolitan city.

Young couples / singletons

For younger couples and singletons Fuengirola offers a great thriving and exciting social life. You are bound to meet people from all occupations and the town never seems to sleep, so if partying is your main objective, then Fuengirola will suit you just fine!

It has a great connection by train to Malaga, Torremolinos and Benalmadena, so you do not even need a car, you can just hop on the train and visit neighbouring towns easily and cheaply. You will love the diversity of this town and will absolutely enjoy meeting its residents.

Do not expect to have a peaceful life in Fuengirola though! It is 100 miles per hour and then some, so hop on and enjoy the ride!


Fuengirola town is not entirely suitable for retired expats that is unless you really enjoy the noise and busy lifestyle or if you have a large budget to buy something with a bit of land around it to stretch your legs.

If you are on a budget that doesn’t match the current property prices in the town  it will be a much better idea to purchase away from the town and then drive in when you feel the need to socialise. The areas surrounding Fuengirola including Mijas, La Cala or Benalmadena are most popular with retiring expats for that very reason. They want the peace and quiet most of the time but know they can simply drive to the city if they want some excitement.

Benalmadena – Entertaining & Present


Benalmadena is a relatively new area on the Costa del Sol that has in recent years grown into a lovely town. It has its own port and many of the properties are either new build or finished in the past 10 years. Even though the expectations for the town were high, it initially took a good couple of years to kick off. Now the town has a great reputation as tourist resort and slowly the residents are moving in to liven the town up all year round.

The town mainly focusses on tourists with many large hotels, all-inclusive resorts and many souvenir shops and attractions. Benalmadena also stretches for a few kms including the areas of Torrequebrada, Torremuelle, Arroyo Del Miel, Benalmadena Puebla, La Capellania and much more.

Unfortunately, the town is still relatively quiet in the low season when the hotels close down. Shops and many attractions also close for a little while however, once you know your way around town and overlook the tourist places, you can definitely find some lovely places specifically set up for long term residents that are open all year round closer to the Arroya Del Miel area.

Popular Areas

  • Urb. La Leala
  • Arroyo de la Miel
  • Montemar Alto
  • El Pinillo
  • El Romeral


Benalmadena has some great bargain properties sometimes. You can find properties for €140.000 or less or go all out and find a mansion for over €2.000.000. Whichever you choose, you will find that it is a great return on investment. Benalmadena has been an up and coming town for a while now, and even though it is moving slow, it is moving, and that is important if you are looking to sell your property again at a later stage.

Properties in Benalmadena rent out easily for summer or as long-term rentals, and do give a nice healthy return.

Since you can find many new developments in this area, you will be able to find a good deal on properties of a high quality that are easy to let. The newly developed resorts generally come with all the best features nowadays so you really do get more for your money when buying new properties. These will however be further up as coastline areas are already all built up.

With children

In the winter, Benalmadena is a lovely quiet town, very peaceful and safe for families with children. In summer however, the town is awash with tourists and you might not feel so secluded anymore. Having said that, since the town is so close to Fuengirola, you will have many great schools and universities to choose from, not to mention the many nurseries and after-school activities on offer.

The town has a port with a small amusement park for the littler ones, and it has the cable car ride to the highest point in Benalmadena where you can see the entire coastline in very impressive 360º. The town also borders the next town up which is Torremolinos that offers even more activities, schools and things to do in the kid’s free time, so it does have some advantages living in this town. Just stay away from the town’s center in summer and you will be fine!

Young couples / singletons

Benalmadena is a great place to be in summer when you are looking for an active social life. However, in winter, there is a lot less to do and many are looking elsewhere for entertainment, the areas of Arroyo Del Miel and Bonanza Square will be open all year round. Luckily the town of Fuengirola and Torremolinos are just a short bus/train ride away so you could still enjoy the social activities in winter.

Having said that, in winter Benalmadena is very quiet and peaceful and that makes for wonderful walks on the beach and simply enjoying the Spanish way of life that is also a great thing to do! Taking it easy, if that is what you want, Benalmadena is the place to be in winter!


Benalmadena offers a host of golf courses and clubs for expats for all occupations. It also has the port that compared to the Puerto Banus port is lovely and makes for a great afternoon in the sun watching the world pass you by.

Since you can find nice new built properties in this town that can be attractive, Benalmadena has become very popular with the expat community. Many languages are spoken, it is very diverse and the public transport is excellent.

Hop on the train and you are in Málaga in no time, plus from there you can take the Renfe to Madrid, and before you know it you had an exciting weekend int he capital.

Torremolinos – Rejuvenating & Booming


The last town before we get to Málaga is Torremolinos. This town is popular not only because it is so close to the airport (it literally takes 15 minutes to get to the airport from Torremolinos) it is also a town that has grown exponentially over the past decade and is popular with residents and tourists alike.

In this town residents and tourists live peacefully side by side and even though in summer it gets very busy, in winter the town is still as lively and exciting as in summer.

The town has no less than 7 different beaches that are known for how long and wide they are, making them easily accessible even in the summer. Equally, the town offers interesting art galleries and museums and because its proximity to Málaga, you can easily hop on the train to Málaga to visit the Picasso museum and the Alcazaba fortress.

Popular Areas

  • Jardin Botanico
  • La Colina
  • Los Alamos
  • Torremolinos Center
  • Cortijo de Maza
  • El Olivar
  • Santa Tecla


Torremolinos is a very popular resort for tourists so this means properties are popular for holiday rentals or sales and the property prices generally reflect that. It is possible to find properties under €200.000, but it is difficult to find them and are generally in a less than desirable condition and/or area. If you are looking to buy property in Torremolinos in great condition and area you need to bring a budget from €300.000.

Luckily, you will know that once you have bought a property for a good price in this town, you will be in for a great return on investment. Being so close to Málaga, the town is getting ever more popular with both tourists and residents so to rent the property out for both long and short term will be very easy and the property value will continue to rise as the town rejuvenates from its 80s reputation.

With children

If you have teenage children, you will find Torremolinos a very easy town to live in. There is plenty to do for them and it has some of the best international and public schools, plus you don’t have to worry about them going to university because a train drive to Málaga is a mere 10 minutes so they can stay home longer while they study in the city.

Another plus for families with children is that the town really thought about how they were growing and the infrastructure reflects that. It is easy to maneuver through town so after school activities and school runs are much easier than in other towns like Fuengirola.

Young couples / Singletons

In Torremolinos you will really get the best of both worlds when you are a young couple or singleton. There is plenty to do in town, there are many bars, restaurants, clubs and the nightlife is thriving. Communities are generally very social and the town offers many activities including outdoor weekend activities.

You are only a 10-minute train journey away from the even bigger town of Málaga where you can take it even further and visit Madrid for a day just 2.45 hours away!

If you feel like a relaxing day without any noise pollution, simply take a drive inland and find yourself near the quiet lakes of El Chorro where you can simply enjoy the weather on the shore of the lake or take an exciting walk into the mountains.


Torremolinos center could not be very suitable for retired couples unless you like the hustle and bustle of a large town, but around in the outskirts of the town are many lovely properties for sale that offer the best way of life for retiring expats. You will be close to all connecting motorways making it easy to get in and out of town towards the airport or a day visiting Marbella. You will have magnificent views as you will be on higher grounds overlooking the town and coastline and the new developments offer all the amenities you would look for in a property to retire.

Especially if you are retired with grandchildren is Torremolinos an ideal place to buy. You will find that the children and grandchildren love going out into town for a day and visit the many activities all over town, whilst they enjoy coming back to the peace and tranquility of your home away from the city.

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