Golden Visa- Q&A with Immigration Lawyer

Golden Visa- Q&A

with Immigration Lawyers


The Golden Visa- Q&A with Immigration Lawyers session focused on navigating the intricacies of residency in Spain, with a particular emphasis on the Golden Visa program. It was clarified that this Visa, while still an option, might be undergoing revisions by the Spanish government. Currently, the program grants residency to those who invest a substantial sum, specifically €500,000 or more, in Spanish real estate. The session also explored alternative routes to residency in Spain. These included the non-lucrative visa, which is ideal for those seeking a residence in Spain but not intending to work there. The entrepreneur visa was another option presented, catering to individuals seeking to establish a business in Spain.

Golden Visa- Q&A with Immigration Lawyer

Choosing the Right Path: Individual Needs and Expert Guidance

A recurring theme throughout the session was the importance of legal counsel when navigating the complexities of Spanish residency programs. Antonio Blasquez and Melanie, legal professionals from CBC Law Firm, emphasized the value of consulting a lawyer. Their expertise can prove invaluable in selecting the most suitable program based on individual needs. Ensuring a complete and accurate application is submitted, and avoiding potential delays or complications.

Golden Visa

The discussion extended to addressing audience inquiries. Questions regarding permissible activities under the Golden Visa program were raised. It was clarified that the Golden Visa grants residency but does not necessarily equate to permanent residency. While the Golden Visa allows for extended stays in Spain, it doesn’t guarantee citizenship. However, extended stays under the Golden Visa program can be beneficial for those eventually seeking Spanish citizenship.

Another question explored the possibility of applying for the Golden Visa program with a property purchased earlier, exceeding the €500,000 threshold. The legal experts clarified that under current regulations, properties exceeding the €500,000 mark can indeed be considered, and even a combination of properties reaching the threshold amount would be eligible.

Business Visa

The session also addressed the minimum investment required for a business visa. As opposed to a set minimum investment amount. The entrepreneur visa hinges on the viability and potential impact of the business proposal being established in Spain. The economic benefit, job creation potential, and overall attractiveness of the business plan are key factors considered by the Spanish authorities.

Non-Lucrative Visa

The non-lucrative visa was another topic of inquiry. The legalities surrounding work opportunities under this visa were clarified. While working in Spain is not permitted with a non-lucrative visa, there is flexibility. The visa is initially granted for a year. After that period, if the holder’s circumstances change and they wish to pursue business ventures, they can explore changing their visa type to better suit their needs.

Golden Visa- Q&A with Immigration Lawyer

The most important takeaway? Every situation is unique. With this Golden Visa- Q&A with Immigration Lawyers session we would like to highlight that what works for one person might not be ideal for another. To ensure you’re on the right track and haven’t overlooked any crucial details, consulting with an international lawyer specializing in Spanish immigration is paramount. With their expertise, you can explore the most suitable program for your needs and submit a strong application, paving the way for a smooth residency journey in Spain.

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