Discover Marbella’s prestigious “Golden Mile”

The Golden Mile Marbella


Marbella’s prestigious “Golden Mile” is a luxurious stretch of the Costa del Sol that captures the essence of opulence and sophistication. Located between the vibrant town of Marbella and the glamorous Puerto Banús, it is a magnet for those seeking the epitome of high-end living and leisure.

Residential Appeal:

The Golden Mile is renowned for its exclusive real estate, attracting a blend of international elites, celebrities, and discerning travelers. Lavish villas, stylish apartments, and beachfront mansions dot this area, offering unparalleled views of the Mediterranean and the stunning Sierra Blanca mountain range.

Marbella's Golden mile view
Museo Ralli Golden Mile
Museo Ralli interior

Points of Interest:

  • Puente Romano: The Puente Romano Beach Resort & Spa, designed by the renowned architect Ignacio Sierra, is an iconic landmark on the Golden Mile. This Mediterranean-inspired resort boasts exquisite gardens, sumptuous restaurants, and a world-class spa, promising a rejuvenating retreat.
  • Museo Ralli: Art enthusiasts can explore the Museo Ralli, a contemporary art museum featuring a remarkable collection of Latin American and European art.
  • Beach Clubs: The Golden Mile is home to some of Marbella’s most exclusive beach clubs, where visitors can savor delicious cuisine, refreshing cocktails, and a vibrant atmosphere right on the shores of the Mediterranean.

Sports and Recreation:

Enthusiasts of sports and outdoor activities will find several options nearby:

Marbella Club Golf Resort: Golf aficionados can tee off at the Marbella Club Golf Resort, an exquisite golf course surrounded by lush greenery.

Tennis and Paddle Courts: There are various top-quality tennis and paddle clubs in the area for those who enjoy racquet sports.

Water Sports: The Mediterranean offers a playground for water sports, with opportunities for sailing, jet skiing, and more.

Puente Romano Sports
Dani Garcia Restaurante Leña Puente Romano, New Golden Mile
Nobu Restaurant, Puente Romano, Golden Mile


Dani García Restaurante: This three Michelin-starred restaurant, led by the renowned chef Dani García, offers an exceptional culinary experience that blends Andalusian tradition with gastronomic innovation.

Nobu Marbella: Part of the international Nobu chain, this restaurant fuses Japanese and Peruvian cuisine in an elegant and contemporary setting.

Sea Grill: Located at the Puente Romano Beach Resort, Sea Grill is known for its Mediterranean cuisine and fresh seafood dishes served by the sea.

Thai Gallery: This Thai restaurant offers authentic Asian flavors in a sophisticated ambiance.

Soleo Marbella: With a seaside location, Soleo is a popular spot for enjoying Mediterranean dishes and cocktails in a relaxed setting.

Puente Romano Shopping:

Here, you’ll find a variety of luxury boutiques offering fashion, jewelry, accessories, and designer items.

Missoni: The renowned Italian fashion brand Missoni has a store in the area, where you can discover high-end clothing and accessories.

Hermès: The iconic French fashion house Hermès has a boutique that offers its luxury products, from handbags to clothing.

Versace: Another internationally renowned fashion brand, Versace, has a store in the area, where you can find their exclusive designs.

Hermes Shop Golden Mile, Marbella


The Golden Mile encapsulates the essence of luxury living and leisure in Marbella. With its upscale residences, iconic landmarks like the Puente Romano, cultural attractions, and abundant recreational activities, it’s a destination that promises an unforgettable experience for travelers seeking the finer things in life. Explore this exclusive enclave and bask in the glamour and beauty of Marbella’s Golden Mile.