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Pros and Cons Of Bioethanol Fires in the Home

A lot has been written lately about bioethanol fires how this fuel is going to impact the market for multi-fuel and wood-burning stoves.

We’ve recently heard from some client that use buiethanol fires supplied by Decoflame, a highly reputable Danish manufacturer. As such, we’ve chosen to outline various reasons why you should consider one of them, as well as drawing attention to certain factors that might impact your final shopping decision.

Bioethanol Fire Advantages

No Smoke, Fumes, Or Fuss

Bioethanol only creates water vapor and a tiny bit of CO2 when it’s burned, which means there isn’t any soot, smell, or smoke. As such, you don’t need ventilation or a chimney. This makes it quite an environmentally friendly choice when you compare it to wood-burning stoves.

No Mess

Ask any owner of a wood-burning stove, and they can tell you how cleaning out and maintaining their stoves can be a lot of work. Very little cleaning is necessary with a bioethanol fire.

Easy Installation

Quite a few of the products we offer don’t take long to install. Some of them work right away, where others can be customized to your specific needs and requirements.

Simple To Use

You just add bioethanol fuel per the direction, ignite the flame, and then just wait a few minutes. You have total control since the flame is adjustable. Fireplace sellers have automatic fires, so if you’re looking to impress someone, you can control the flame using a smartphone app.


Safety First

Bioethanol fires can be as safe as other open fires, but they still involve a live flame, so you certainly need to consider how that gets covered.


The flammability of bioethanol is dangerous as compared to logs, but if you use it like instructed, it’s not much of a concern and just more of something you should know about.

Primary Heat Source

Some folks suggest that bioethanol fires don’t provide as much heat as a wood-burning stove will. Some even say they’re just prettier, but we think they’re not just decorative pieces. Whether or not you can use one as a primary source of heat in a room will depend on a balance of the room size and the model you pick, but there are good chances you’ll find one that can get the job done.


Bioethanol fires usually burn for 4 or 5 hours before they need to get refueled. Also, the fire has to cool before you can add more fuel.

No Sound, No Smell

Others find this advantageous, but others don’t. Many consider the smell and noise of traditional fuel-burning stoves essential, whereas others are happy to be without it.

Now that you’ve read all of this, you should have an easier time figuring out whether or not bioethanol fires are right for you and your home.

If you wish to know about fireplaces or are considering investing but need a push, then check out these 5 reasons to own an ethanol fireplace.


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